Maximize your scoring potential with our Water Polo Shooting Clinic! This specialized class is designed for players who want to improve their shooting accuracy, power, and technique. Whether you’re a novice aiming to learn the basics or an experienced player looking to refine your skills, our clinic will help you become a more effective and confident shooter in the pool.

Key Features:

  • Shooting Fundamentals: Master the basics of shooting form, including grip, body positioning, and follow-through.
  • Accuracy Drills: Engage in targeted drills designed to improve your precision and consistency in hitting the mark.
  • Power Development: Learn techniques to increase the power of your shots, making them more difficult for goalies to block.
  • Shot Variety: Practice a range of shooting techniques, including wrist shots, skip shots, and backhand shots, to become a versatile scorer.
  • Game Situations: Simulate in-game scenarios to apply your shooting skills under realistic conditions and improve decision-making.
  • Personalized Feedback: Receive individualized instruction and feedback from experienced coaches to identify and address areas for improvement.

Our expert coaches provide hands-on training and tailored guidance to help each participant enhance their shooting skills. Through a mix of focused drills, practice sessions, and scrimmages, players will develop the techniques and confidence needed to excel offensively.

Dates and Times: Clinics are offered multiple times throughout the year. Check our schedule for upcoming sessions.

Who Should Attend: Open to water polo players of all levels who are looking to improve their shooting abilities.

Cost: Affordable rates with discounts available for multiple session sign-ups.

Take your scoring game to new heights. Join our Water Polo Shooting Clinic today and become a top-notch shooter in the pool!

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