All Ohana athletes are required to adhere to USA Water Polo's Athletes Code of Conduct. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action from both Ohana representatives and USA Water Polo.

  1. Participation should stem from the athlete and not parents or coaches. Self-motivation is a key aspect of life and not just in sports. Athletes should arrive on time for all practices and events. For practice, arriving 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of practice is preferred. For games, this is at least 1 hour prior to the scheduled start of the game.
  2. Athletes will arrive prepared for practice and games with all the necessary gear and equipment. Suits must be worn appropriately and as designed.
  3. Athletes understand that it is his or her responsibility to communicate and be open with coaches and teammates regarding transportation and timely arrival to practices and games.
  4. Athletes play by the rules. If an athlete does not know the rules, he or she may ask, and direction will be provided by the appropriate coach(es).
  5. Athletes will honor the game by showing respect to officials, coaches, teammates, opponents, parents and others both on and off the pool deck.
  6. Athletes will never argue with an official. Even if the athlete does not agree, he or she will behave appropriately and communicate with their coach and never directly with an official. This includes things such as rolling eyes at officials.
  7. Athletes expected to have fun while adhering to the following principles: discipline, accountability, mental toughness, teamwork, diligent work ethic.
  8. Athletes understand that water polo is a team sport. Wins and losses are a result of team effort, not individuals’ contribution.


Parents and family play a crucial role in ensuring that our kids gain valuable life lessons from participating in the world’s toughest sport. We see parents as our partners in achieving this goal. While coaches and athletes focus on the scoreboard, parents are encouraged to support their athletes in mastering life skills. To support this partnership, Ohana has established the following code of conduct for parents:

  1. Parents agree that no athlete is allowed to participate in any practice or game unless he/she is registered with United States Water Polo, Inc. (USAWP) and Ohana. Except for newcomers and exceptions made by Ohana's Board of Directors, all club dues must be paid in full for an athlete to be allowed to participate in any Ohana events.
  2. Parents recognize their athletes are subject to USA Water Polo’s Athlete Code of Conduct.
  3. Parents recognize they are not coaches. They recognize that athletes receive water polo instruction from the coaching staff, not from parents. Parents understand that their role is parent -- not coach or officiate unless requested by the Board of Directors. Parents respect the coaches and refrain from coaching their children or other athletes during competitions and practices because it may conflict with Ohana coaching goals or strategies. Parents have a very important role to play ensuring their children take away from sports lessons that will help them be successful in life.
  4. Parents praise their athletes for their efforts. Parents do not chastise their athletes, teammates, or opponents in public. Parents support athletes, coaches, and other parents with positive communication and actions and do not participate in idle gossip. Parents cheer positive encouragement from the deck during games such as “Good job! Nice teamwork! Nice try! Way to Go!”.
  5. Parents may watch practices and are encouraged to attend games. However, Parents shall stay off the immediate pool deck and away from coaches during practices and games unless they are assisting with administration or other function of the club.
  6. Parents honor the game by respecting the rules, considering opponents to be worthy, respecting officials, encouraging teammates, and respecting themselves and their athletes. Parents and their guests maintain self-control and refrain from making disparaging remarks about or directed to Ohana’s athletes, coaches, opponents, other parents, officials or board members. Parents do not participate in physical and/or verbal confrontations. Parents are role models who resolve conflicts without resorting to hostility or violence.
  7. Parents understand that Ohana’s primary goal, besides winning, is to help water polo athletes learn lifelong lessons from playing sports. Other than the youngest members of Ohana, athletes (not the parents) are responsible for communicating directly with coaches when issues arise. It is critically important for parents to encourage this as their athletes mature into high school and beyond. Parent-athlete appointments can be made with coaches in advance. Ohana’s head coach is available to discuss program issues with parents by scheduling time in advance.
  8. Parents understand that decisions about playing time, travel teams, and all other water polo related matters are made exclusively by the coaching staff. An athlete should feel free to discuss his/her status with the coaches at an appropriate time. Playing time and travel teams are not distributed on an equal basis and are not guaranteed by club membership.
  9. Parents inform coaches of any physical disability or ailment that may affect the safety of their children or the safety of others.
  10. Parents arrange transportation for their children to and from Ohana events. Ohana is grateful for parents who help others arrange transportation and carpool.
  11. Parents ensure punctuality of their athletes at practices and games with all necessary equipment. Ohana’s expectation is that athletes will be at practice 10-15 minutes before scheduled practice times and at least 1 hour prior to any scheduled game time.
  12. Parents understand that Ohana is a community that extends beyond their own children’s narrow involvement. Parents use their best efforts to share the burden among parents by volunteering in the areas of pool set-up, event planning, travel team logistics or other areas. Ohana is grateful for parents who build up our water polo family.
  13. Parents understand that direct contributions to the club for specific purposes such as hats, sports equipment, scholarships, and defraying travel costs will be gratefully accepted and recognized.
  14. Parents understand that children who may not be able to participate in Ohana or Ohana events for personal financial reasons may contact a coach or administrator discreetly to request financial assistance. All financial assistance matters are decided by the Board of Directors. Ohana does not intend to deny participation for true financial need.
  15. Parents recognize that membership in Ohana is a privilege that may be altered or revoked by the Board of Directors at any time.
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