10 and Under Water Polo is a variant of the traditional water polo game, specifically designed for younger players, typically aged 10 years or younger. This version of the sport adapts rules and conditions to accommodate the physical and cognitive development stages of children, promoting a fun, safe, and educational environment. Here's a detailed description of 10 and Under Water Polo:

Game Objectives:

  • Fundamentals Focus: Emphasizes basic skills such as swimming, ball handling, and teamwork.
  • Enjoyment and Engagement: Aims to instill a love for the sport and keep young players engaged and having fun.

Rules and Adaptations:

  • Team Size: Typically smaller teams, often 6 players per side, to ensure each child gets more playing time and opportunities to interact with the ball.
  • Pool Size: Played in a smaller pool making it easier for beginners to learn and play.
  • Game Duration: Shorter games, often divided into several brief periods or quarters, to keep players' attention and prevent fatigue.
  • Ball Size: Smaller and lighter balls that are easier for young children to handle and throw.
  • Goal Size: Smaller goals to match the reduced scale of the game and ensure more appropriate scoring opportunities.
  • Coaching: Coaches are often allowed to be more actively involved during the game, providing on-the-spot guidance and encouragement.

Skills Development:

Treading Proficiency: Athletes focus on improving the eggbeater technique as elevation from the water is beneficial

  • Swimming Proficiency: Children improve their swimming skills as they move constantly during the game.
  • Coordination and Balance: Handling the ball in the water enhances coordination and balance.
  • Teamwork and Strategy: Encourages teamwork and basic understanding of game strategies in a collaborative setting.

Safety and Supervision:

  • Supervision: Close supervision by coaches and lifeguards to ensure the safety of all participants.
  • Equipment: Use of appropriate safety gear, such as caps and sometimes soft helmets, to prevent injuries.


  • Physical Fitness: Promotes overall physical fitness through cardiovascular exercise and muscle strengthening.
  • Social Skills: Helps children develop social skills through interaction with teammates and opponents.
  • Confidence Building: Provides opportunities for personal achievement and boosts self-confidence through skill development and game participation.

Tournament Play:

  • Local Tournaments: Many communities have local offerings of organized play and tournaments.
  • Participation Over Competition: Focus is on participation, learning, and enjoyment rather than intense competition.

10 and Under Water Polo serves as an excellent introduction to the sport, allowing young players to learn and enjoy water polo in a supportive and appropriately challenging environment.

Available for boys and girls ages 8 to 10.

Eligibility is determined by the athlete's age as of August 1, 2024.

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JULY 2024


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Monday through Thursday

With Coach Leila 



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